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"The Wooden Box" is powerful, tough, and tender. Read it and see what I mean.
--Bill Crider

A beautiful story.
--Kealan Patrick Burke

An incredible Writer
--Ronald Kelly


--T.M. Wright, author of The Strange Seed, Blue Canoe, The House on Orchid Street

The Monster Librarian Reviews The Wooden Box.

This is the tale of the final days of Nora and Mack Grainy and their mule Minnie. It starts with Mack working on a smooth pine box in the barn. He finishes up for the day and recalls life with his wife, Nora. Cancer is eating her alive now, but in the past they had the time of their lives. His memories drift in and out until Nora calls to him with the question, “Done with my box?” Mack's response, “Why you in such a hurry to die, Nora? I want you around for a bit.” That seems to say it all. As time moves on, more memories surface between the two, such as a row over weeding the flower beds, and the best of times when they would dance the night away. In the meantime, Mack continues to works on the box, with Minnie for company. Finally, he puts the finishing touch on the box. Just for Nora, he inscribes it with words from the Bible. Happy that Nora likes the completed work, Mack prepares for what they must do...

A bittersweet story, wonderfully told, it called into my mind the question, “What would I do?” The ending caught me a little by surprise as I didn't really get the sense of Mack's last actions until he did them. The themes of love and loss carried throughout the story and set the tone well. The final paragraph was a really nice touch. The only issue I had was in the first page or so, when I think there could have been better transitions between the present and the memories of the past. As written, they were a bit disorienting for me. All in all, though, The Wooden Box is a wonderful tale. I have not read any of Mr. Lloyd's previous works. Recommended for adult readers.

Reviewed by: Aaron Fletcher

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